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Welcome to our website! If you are planning a trip around Namibia starting and ending in Windhoek and you are looking for a strong and reliable 4×4 to take you around, then you’ve come to the right place!

At Onyiki Car Rental, we only have one type of car for hire:  the Toyota Hilux 4×4 Double-Cab. Built for Africa and built to last. With our new cars you will never brake down and always get to you destinations safely.

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Choosing the right car at Onyiki Car Rental is easy!
We only have 1 choice! The Double-Cab Toyota Hilux.
This is the only car we trust in to bring you around Namibia safely.
To make your choice even more easy we’ve also included Maximum insurance as a standard.
The roads in Namibia can be tricky and therefor it is best to always take maximum insurance on the car.
At Onyiki, this is therefore no longe a choice you need to make, it is standard policy.

New Cars

Toyota Hilux

All our cars at Onyiki are brand new, 2017 Hilux Models! They come fully insured and fitted with the best tires for the Namibia Gravel Roads.  The only thing you still need to choose as and option is if you will need Camping gear or not?  You can simply check a car’s availability and book it online.  The maximum insurance is a standard add-on and you simply select if you’d like to add any camping gear for 1 or up to 5 people.

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