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ONYIKI Namibia Car Rental

ONYIKI Namibia Car Rental is an independently owned and operated company. With over 20 years of experience in Tourism we offer excellent value and great personal service.

With our experienced service and friendly team we strive to exceed your expectations.

To explore Namibia you will cross many gravel roads and maybe even 4×4 tracks, leading to some of the countries best Lodges our remote Campsites.

Namibia is an enormous playground for the off-road enthusiast!
Enjoy the challenge of negotiating the rugged terrain, whilst experiencing the sights of a land steeped in history, ancient culture and breath-taking landscapes.

There is so much to discover! But you will need the right car to get you there!

Travel in the comfort of the knowledge that you are on the road with a state of the art vehicle built for these roads and maintained by a professional team.

At Onyiki we have chosen to only work with the latest Toyota Hiluxe Double-Cab,  maintained by our very own Toyota specialized mechanics.

We take pride in our well-equipped and serviced fleet.
Give yourself an optimal rental experience with a GPS, Satellite phone or more assurance with additional driver coverage, among other useful add-ons and upgrades.

If you want to really get of the beaten track, get one of our fully equipped camping cars. Fitted with roof-top tents to sleep up to 4 people and even available with an extra ground-tent in case you would travel with 5.  All the necessary camping gear is included in the Camping Package.

Traveling trough Namibia you will drive thousands of kilometers on not always the best roads. That is way at Onyiki Car Rental we want to offer you some peace of mind, with a thorough explanation of the vehicle before you hit the road and a 24h standby service.

At 825,615 km2 (318,772 sq mi),[27] Namibia is the world’s thirty-fourth largest country (after Venezuela). It lies mostly between latitudes17° and 29°S (a small area is north of 17°), and longitudes 11° and 26°E.

Money & Spending

Namibia’s national currency, pegged to the South African Rand, is the Namibian Dollar but travellers who have combined South Africa with Namibia can use either currency in shops, lodges, markets and restaurants throughout the country. Note however that the Namibian Dollar is not accepted in South Africa.
Visa and Mastercard credit cards are generally accepted throughout Namibia though holders of other credit cards are advised to check whether their card is acceptable. Self-drivers should note that credit cards are not accepted at petrol stations.
Banking hours: 9am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 11am on Saturday.


Tipping for good service is only expected in upmarket tourist establishments but is officially prohibited in national parks and reserves. A service charge is included in many restaurant bills – if not, and the service was satisfactory, a tip of 10% is standard.